Consulting - a Guide to make a Choice

If any knowledge found already doesn't convince you to make a choice, you can have a professional guide to clear your path before making your first step. To have a direction and know how to reach the end of your journey is the security you need in the jungle of information technology. What seems to be far too complex to handle and truely can surpass the competence of smart minds, can already have a fully developed solution. In the meanwhile, either scientifically or even in open source you can find a complete eco system for advanced computation tasks. Talking about IoT, super computing, smart divices, artificial intelligence respectively machine learning, automated services, augmented reality, our tiny world spiritually becomes a universe, safely walkable. 

Still, there are many paths leading to Rome. Everybody may imagine to have a unique idea to conquer the world and its a button to click on with a little bit of magic.
To develop a service still is a service (respectively Software as a Service), like to get a haircut. So, you can trust to get things done as they should be, by skilled developers. You might fear to lose your power in opening up your ideas which could change the world and you would like to protect your brain child to benefit of it your own. So next thing to learn is, distributed development, respectively physical technics and computational science. Let experts do what you can not learn in a lifetime. Always if you have an Idea you should keep in mind, somebody else could have the same idea simultanuously, like telepathy of twins.

Since money is a measure of appreaciation, you would like to feel the success of your idea in a number on your bank account. This is a very human thing but still a negligible factor, because its just a sideeffect of actually getting things done! 

Quod erat demonstrandum; for dreams to become real, you need a driving force capable to make things possible. To do so, the first step is to have a comprehensible definition, of how to reach a goal, that might not in itself has been defined. An idea may include an ecosystem which would need to be developed to make one idea possible. E.g. a spaceship is a great idea, but to make it possible, you would need to overcome too many borders, you can not even think of. This means logically, sometimes ideas are great if you can bring them to a market, still, the key is the definition of an object you want to present. If this Object is not defined, you can not claim copy rights. 

Now with a consulting, it is possible to find a solution. Make a requirements analysis and come up with specifications to realize a dream, or simply yet a nother cloud app.

A product may be a smart device that does a certain thing, then you would need to pay patents for network interfaces, micro chips, chipsets etc. as analogon this should make clear, that certain inventions are intellectual property and an idea is just an idea. For this a design patent is the only thing you can do to safe your product for your benefit in manufacturing.

It happens quite often, that people come to developers with ideas and expect software to be their own property, that actually needs years of study of the lifework of genius. E.g. the theory of relativity is just aproximitely a 15 minutes speech in a lecture. 

A consulting is a great opportunity to get a solution for a great idea, as well as to get a head wash. Someone may come to the idea to ask Elon Musk how one could make a neuronal interface. So then, to expect to get a solution handed over and sell it as own achievement is ludicrous. 

Respecting intellectual property in times of open source seams so redundant, but it is a tiny piece of source code which can change the world. If you have an idea to change the world and want this piece of source code, its still intellectual property of the developer. Still then, if you want to wear a haircut, you get a haircut, but you are not the barber.