find ai ®

Formation for Improvement of Natural Development through Artificial Intelligence

find ai ® has been founded in 2007. The main idea was to create an organization to improve natural development. Artificial Intelligence  here is not ment only to be something like a computer chip that deals with problems, but rather a logic, that is capable to resolve problems in nature like, climate change, pandemics, respectively exponential growth of descructive processes. With a formal model to describe the natural development, one can derive the outcome of certain events. This is the actual artificial intelligence. With further investigation,  one can find, that this is natural intelligence. The term "artificial" is rather antique realising; a solution for a problem is always the solution.
There is not more to it. In science fiction people would imagine, there is a life form within a computer.

But what is a computer, what is life? A computer is ultimately processing unit, like a brain and life is spirit. This is nothing new. Always philosophers of any time on earth, going back thousands of years, found; life is in the spirit. Also algorithms are as old as human kind. 

Now, if we can support nature with algorithms, thats the best we can get as humans as far as I can comprehend.
If ever people wanted to know what love is, then it might also just be; to come up with a solution for a problem, when it really counts.


Sascha Alegria Schubring (Founder / CEO)