Responsibility for data protection according to european data protection law is

Data Collection and Legal Basis

This website does not collect any data from users via tracking tools or cookies, which are not part of a security mechanism to assure data protection. Data which is being transmitted over the webapplication is only being stored for security and as long as legal necessary. Customer data will not be kept in a webservice as long as it is not public domain. 
Persistent Data varies for the type of data. Customer data like bills and corporate mail have to be stored for 10 years, log files will be stored for a week and archived afterwards. 
Transient Data like session data will be deleted after the session. Cookies can be deleted within your prefered browser. Depending on your client side configuration, like browser cache and auto completion, all data committed to this webapplication may have left a trace which can be deleted of your browser cache, or prevented through using a temporary browser profile. 

Indivitual Rights

If you have any questions about the data being used on this website, you can request information over the given contact.
This concerns:
                       _What data has been stored as well as
                         Electronic Data Interchange, data processing as far as you have a contract with find ai
                       _Object to the use of data
                       _What data has to be legally persistent
                       _What data can be deleted

For any complaints you can consult the respective ministery of your country

Foreign Data Inclusion

Script libraries like javascript solutions, embedded data is nowhere used personalized on this website. If so, the content is usually only available in a private area, associated with respective user account. 

Form of Privacy

All data transmitted over the internet is in a certain way public domain. The structured data, specific individual data, user profiling and such will usually only be possible for professionals. This privacy agreement therefore is only a result of a reasonable security process. The form of dataprocessing affects security and opposite.