VPN, Private Cloud, Open Stack - Good Reasons to Outsource and Virtualize

Besides parallel computing, distributed databases, business intelligence, security and realtime applications, there should always be considered what is best suited for the demands of a business. As a part of operations research, the calculation of a more cost effective workflow is a crucial. In a distributed system requests can take a lot of time if the server client communication is not calculated in the right dimension. Sometimes security is the reason a tradeoff for performance. Still, if in a workflow every step would take minutes, you'd be better of investing in a higher class hardware. Process analysis and optimization will show where timecomplexity can be reduced. In Digital Asset Management, it is especially important to have a smart solution. Search algorithms and the amount of data necessary to be transmitted are of interest.

The challenge for developers is to have an indexing system and search algorithm smart enough to get a result for a request. In realtime applications for e.g. a stockmarket, a faster application will win the battle.