Old and New School Technologies

We are living in time of accelerating transition into a software with no limits. There are many techologies been used and will be used even for the next years while cutting edge development could replace everything existing in a few years: JBOSS, GWT, PostgreSQL, DB2, Redis, LAMP, LAMJ, XML, Hadoop,  just a few to note.

Development stacks like LAMP worked fine but were outdated at the time they appeared on the market. Clientside development has been the driving force from the beginning, just Data always needed to be exchanged in a way where protocols should handle the information exchange. Securety leaks were known from the beginning but a secure communication like SSH was not promoted from the beginning for information, that was public anyway. So then IT folks learned, copy right infridgement, user behaviour, market trends are a valuiable good and even though the information is public, people want it to be privat and not be handed to leading parties of the network entities.

Cloud Computing continuously grows and we might not have finished the development of a cutting edge App in flutter while already wearables might be able to read your mind and give you control to explore the IoT. To date cloudcomputing solves scalability and maintanance to make SaaS, PaaS (Software/Platform as a Service) easy.